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Let's have a PARTY!


Looking for a way to check things off your list while having fun at the same time?  Well...of course you are!

At Amanda Ritchey we are constantly striving to create new and exciting experiences for our beloved customers. Sometimes it's as simple as throwing a PARTY!

Did you know we offer a totally Private "VIP experience"?

(This experience is only offered weekday evenings and on Sunday)

You and your wedding party will have the entire boutique to yourselves for up to 2 hours.  One of our Sr. Stylists will assist you every step of the way...from selections to measurements.

Champagne and light snacks will be provided.  You are welcome to bring additional items for your enjoyment.


Here's the BEST part...

The store will not be open for business during your appointment so all attention will be on YOU and your wedding party so that we can give you the VERY BEST service possible!


There is a $200 charge to reserve this private appointment.


Fill out the party request form, and submit your booking fee below!

Request a date...

Thanks for submitting!

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