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The “Classic Bride” will shine in 2022

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

On my most recent trip to view the latest bridal creations from our amazing designers, I was thrilled to see the return of the “Clean and Classic” Bride. That is not to say we didn’t see an abundance of trends including bold lace patterns, plunging necklines, as well as bodices encrusted with heavy beading. It was the return of timeless that had our hearts going pitter pat!

Bridal gowns with clean lines were a staple in every major designer collection this season. No matter your desired silhouette, whether it be ballgown or fitted there was a classic look made to suit the desire of any bride wishing to keep it simple.

Necklines are being raised for a more modest appeal as well as the oh so beautiful lace sleeve we are seeing so much more of.

It was refreshing to see the designers get back to the basics with the return of traditional bridal satin, as well as the clean and ultra chic Mikado, and crepe fabrications. This is not to say that lace is not part of this amazing comeback, it is! We are still seeing lots of lace but without all of the trendy bold patterns, and heavy beading of the recent past. Beading has changed to more of a subtle glisten. This new style of beading is clear and often hidden under another layer of tulle. We in the bridal industry refer to this look as “secret sparkle” If you are a minimalist by nature, now is your time to shine in a gown with a structured fabric, crisp seams, and minimal adornment.

The classic bride will always shine, but she will shine especially bright in 2022.

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