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i can install to desk top from usb stick, also the same is possible from any removable disk? jeiob: the details of the kernel are not published. perhaps they should be. I am not a kernel developer, so I don't know. mbeierl: coreboot is all about asian laptops I'm using ubuntu 16.04, may be I need to find some more information? jeiob: sorry, I don't know where that advice came from mbeierl: i'm curious, what is the specific install target of coreboot? nacc: it's not the laptop I'm discussing. sorry jeiob: ^ mbeierl: ah ok mbeierl: i'm doing research on coreboot and thought it might be the same target in your case (as we're both in #ubuntu) nacc: I'm not advocating coreboot, merely saying that there is a reason for it, and it's not really against the spirit of the channel. mbeierl: sorry, I'm still not clear on your reasoning. Would you mind expanding it? ok..thank you for your kind help. nacc: like I said, I'm not recommending coreboot, it's just that it's a particularly obscure one. nacc: plus, it seems to have good support, which is good for us. mbeierl: ah, ok -- well, i understand Hi, my media keys on keyboard are not working, i do not get any output from them. Using ubuntu 16.04 Can someone help me with that? Should I reinstall Ubuntu? nacc: mostly, I'm curious to know how the chinese built the shim in order to install coreboot, and how they do the bootloader such that it will run on the hw mbeierl: also i guess i'm



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Idm Free Download With Full Version With Patch And Keygen

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